Sunday, July 29, 2007

Too Quiet

It is very quiet here at Lake Almanor. The girls and dogs left Saturday at around 2:30 pm. Yum Yum came down the stairs cautiously Sunday morning, looked around awhile, then found her sunny spot in the living room window and settled down to peace and quiet. (I think she actually misses everyone, but she will not admit it.) We all had a lot of fun, and I really miss the whole crew. Check out Mac 'n Cheese dog.


Rich & Mel said...

Believe me, I know how empty the house feels now that the Zoo is gone. Some of my crew will be visiting the Zoo REAL soon, then you will be taking your own adventure shortly after that.

Thanks for all of the pictures. We have enjoyed them.

Make sure to keep up the BLOG every now and then.


Lucy L said...

Well, it may be quiet at the Lake, but things were a bit rambunctious for a couple of hours in Simi Valley last night when the Zoo stopped in for a visit. We don't know if Abby was more frightened of Natasha (the 50% Siamese) or Natasha more frightened of Abby. Boris, Natasha's brother, came out of the closet after awhile and through the screen door taunted the dogs, who were on the patio.

We had some fun; everyone now knows where to find the toys and books in Aunt Lucy's house. The jacuzzi offered some water play and then we all had spaghetti. A couple of us even had sauce on our spaghetti!

After dinner, everyone, except J and the dogs, changed into jammies and hit the road.

Come back anytime, Zoo!

Stringer Zoo said...

I bet that Yum Yum does miss the chaos, she sure did seem to adjust well! I'm sorry to leave you with the quiet, because that means I've got the noise with me. :)

Aunt Lucy,
We all agreed, our trip south yesterday was the best one we've ever had. Thanks for enduring our last minute stop! :)

As far as the Mac-n-cheese dog, maybe Hailey thought she was decorating him for Scott's homecoming? Oh, and I found a dried up noodle stuck in Abbey's fur last night - she was hit as well.