Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Fishn is Fine

2-3/4 pound rainbow caught with a baby night crawler in 50 feet of water towards the dam.
Is Nana having fun, or what??


KY Transplants said...

Looks like a good day. I bet you are going to really enjoy the boat.


Stringer Zoo said...

Too cool! Way to go Nana!

Nana said...

So, Aunt Lucy, you need to come fishing up here some time. Actually, this was the first bite, and first fish for me in "Big" Lake Almanor.

Lucy L said...

I'm ready! How many years 'til retirement?
Aunt Lucy

Lucy L said...

Just realized you indicated first bite at "Big" Lake Almanor. How many times were you bitten in "Little" Lake Almanor?

KY Transplants said...

Can't wait to hear a report from you BIG BOAT trip.

Hope you had a good time.

Welcome home!