Sunday, September 9, 2007

On the Road Again

Well, I am again on the move. I sit tonight in our travel trailer at the Werner mobile home park in Templeton, after an afternoon of fun with Tyler, Ashley, Aiden and Amanda. Erik made it home for dinner after a very long day, which followed a very short night of sleep. Everyone except Nana was headed for bed shortly after 8:00 pm. (the twins were in bed by 7:30 pm). Tyler is asleep in Nana's bed in the trailer so we can start the fun early tomorrow. Amanda and I are going to try hard to get some update pictures of the kids tomorrow so one of us can post them. I will be here until Wednesday morning, then I am headed for Lake A for a couple of days. Then on to Mt. Shasta (potty stop), Hillsboro/Beaverton and then Port Angeles to stay with Grandma Peggy while Skip takes a short, but very well deserved trip.

I still owe comments on the tiger cruise. I think there is so much to say that I am having trouble getting started. I will try to grab a little time tomorrow and put some thoughts down before this old mind forgets.


KY Transplants said...

Have a fun trip. Are you going out on the boat? I didn't ignore you with your ski question, but I was wanting to ask the Shindigs and haven't. He owns the boat and skis, I just ride.


Nana said...

I'm glad you figured out I was talking about skis, not skies. We will be looking hard in the early spring, so no rush.