Sunday, June 22, 2008

Back at the Lake

I am back at Lake Almanor and having fun with Jim, Carole, Karen, Kimber, Charlie and Yum Yum. Here are a few pictures around the house and some taken by Karen on 3 hour run she and Charlie took across the hills south of Highway 89 and Karen and Kimber on a horse ride. The girls also went kayaking at Plumas Pines resort. Oh, we also now have television and unlimited long distance telephone.

Kowgirl Kimber

Karen's Horse

Kimber, Karen, Carole and Jim

The new satellite antenna.


Charlie with his running shoes on.

Local Flora

Butt Lake from above

Local Fauna


KY Transplants said...

Beautiful lake. How cold is the water still?

Nana said...

By mid July it will be up to 70 degrees. I have not been in it yet this year. We are smoked in right now.